"There was stress, the shops closed, our inability to work, and I was savoring this moment"

With the confinement of March, Véronique Piedeleu made her hair white.But only because she decided, from now on, to keep her salt and pepper hair natural."From a personal point of view, this period has been amazing and very rewarding, ”admits the owner of Caravane.

At the beginning of March, she took a week's vacation in Portugal to take delivery of the house she had built there: "I left with my little suitcase on wheels and my down jacket.We suspected that there was a risk., without imagining the magnitude of the situation.A few days later, we were confined for two weeks, then again two weeks, and so on."

A Swiss knife "

From this time that she would never have dreamed of agreeing to, Véronique Piedeleu took the opportunity to take care of this house far from Paris, symbol for her of an achievement, after two years spent preparing its development."J 'I lived this moment as a very strong adventure.Forcibly, there was stress, the shops closed, the sales teams at home, our inability to work, the 25 years of Caravane, and I who savored this moment ”, admits -she.

In 2011, Véronique Piedeleu took over the reins of the decoration house created in 1995 by Françoise Dorget.The transfer of power was carried out under the benevolent eye of the founder, a lover of Morocco who then reigned over three Parisian boutique-galleries celebrating nomadic crafts: Caravan, Room 19 (dedicated to the world of sleep) and Emporium (for tableware).

Despite a lifelong passion for fashion and style, Véronique Piedeleu pursued business studies, then worked in development in large groups, food and cosmetics.She who defines herself as a "Swiss Army knife" orchestrates her business with rigor and requirement, while respecting "a stocky organization", she specifies.

Posted Date: 2021-01-04

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